What is a Job Success Score?

A freelancer’s Job Success Score reflects their reputation on Translance based on direct client feedback and other indicators of client satisfaction. It combines metrics on their clients’ public and private feedback, long-term client relationships, client rehires, and contracts that don’t result in work delivered. Top freelancers on Translance typically have a score of 90% or higher, which indicates an overall track record of meeting or exceeding clients’ work expectations.
Small differences between scores, say 91% versus 93% are less important than large differences. Freelancers with scores of 90% and above have consistently delighted their clients. A freelancer with a score in the 80s has done solid work but also has indicators that their clients see some room for improvement. Scores of 79% and below may indicate that the freelancer has been struggling to meet their clients’ expectations.
What metrics does the Job Success Score include?

The inputs above are used to calculate a freelancer’s score. Green inputs are positive factors and gray inputs are those that can detract from a freelancer’s score. Contracts without activity (work delivered) and an excessive lack of feedback can indicate that a freelancer is regularly not meeting client work expectations.

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